Strong ‘n Feminine. CEO to CowGirl. Boardroom to Barn. Christian. Business Woman. Finding balance in the craziness of life. Encouraging and inspiring women.

Be the Woman God Designed YOU to be ~ Beautiful from the Inside Out! Find Your Fabulous … Faith Family and Farm Life! Celebrate Your Style. Encourage Your Dreams.

Strong. Independent. Business Owner. Wife. Mom and Mamaw. Finding balance between running a construction business, running a homestead, growing my quilting business and online presence, and raising a special needs daughter. I spend my mornings with God and thriving – growing my faith with Bible study and prayer. Homesteading. Quilting. Soapmaker. Farm Fresh and Handmade Goods.

Welcome to my little corner of the world. I look forward to connecting with you … until then,

God’s blessings,


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