Looking Back …

2020 was interesting. We had a lockdown. Coronavirus. Covid. The thing is that my life didn’t change all that much — I still haven’t decided if that is good or not — but I also had a lot of new experiences.

The farm business grew. Cattle arrived at the end of May. With one of the bulls jumping a 6 foot fence, my husband was hurt. Hospitalized during a Covid lockdown meant that I couldn’t even be with him. Being turned away at the emergency room entrance was very difficult. Finding out that he had a bruised heart was even harder. Thankfully he was able to come home within a day. Unfortunately, along with a bruised heart, he also had a fractured sternum, concussion, shoulder injury, and stitches. Knowing we couldn’t be together was very difficult, but I can’t imagine those who lost loved ones, without an opportunity to say good-bye, during this horrific time.

One of the smaller steer ended up needing surgery. As the vet started the procedure, he needed help. While being out of my comfort zone, I didn’t hesitate to step in. By the end of the surgery, I was covered in poop and yet I still wasn’t bothered. I cleaned off my boots and walked back to the house. Before you ask, my husband didn’t let me past the mudroom without stripping down. Give a girl points for at least cleaning off her boots before trying to walk through the house.

If you don’t have a selfie with a steer, does it even count? This is Baby. Baby is a Black Angus that I helped perform surgery on.

Simply Blessed Farm also added goats – Charlotte and Gus. Charlotte came to us pregnant – due in January. January in Northern IL can be very harsh – weatherwise speaking. Purchasing a baby cam, and after watching her closely for almost a week, the decision was made to move Gus into his own area in the goat barn. Good decision — within a few days, Charlotte was in labor. Spending weeks learning every thing I could about helping goats deliver during winter came in handy. Thanks to the baby cam, I was able to be with her from the beginning of the birth. The first one, Charlotte was able to start cleaning, but soon she delivered the seond kid. Kids need to be dry and warm or they can freeze to death. Kneeling down with Charlotte, I began to help her. Heating pad didn’t work so I just towel dried continuously. It was quite easily one of the best experiences I have ever had. On December 30, 2020, we had twin baby goats (kids) – a boy and a girl. As of this writing, they do not have names. Stay tuned…

What did 2020 teach me? To step out of my comfort zone. Stepping out of my comfort zone brought new experiences. Yes, lockdown was difficult. Having all of my daughter’s special needs activities cancelled was difficult. Doing ALL my shopping online was difficult. BUT without a pandemic, I may not have had all these new experiences. I may not have learned so much about myself.

Here’s to ending a year and beginning a new one … with new experiences and continuing to step out of my comfort zone.

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