Behind the Scenes

In my last post, which was a college class requirement, I talked about social media and the influence they have. As I start from scratch and build up an online presence again, I have been thinking. Thinking about all the behind the scenes that no one ever talks about. The behind the camera views that never get posted. We see what people want us to see. I know this personally ….

As the CEO of a major construction company, there’s so many behind the scenes that no one sees. No one sees the struggles, disappointments, the stresses, or even the celebrations … some days, it’s the survival of the badass woman. It’s the survival of feeling consumed and surrounded by evil, and it’s in those MOMents that we must remember to PRAY! It’s also in those MOMents that it’s HARD to remember to PRAY … do you agree?

If we let the evil / bad feelings overwhelm and consume us, it’s easy to have a bad day. It’s even easier to bring those feelings from office to home. Or if you are a stay at home mom, it’s easy to “share” that mood with our husband and/or kids. Or worse, what if your office is IN your home? Yikes! Are you asking yourself, what is the point of this post?

During the COVID lockdown, I have had a lot of time to reflect. Most of my reflection has been about my prayer life … I need to pray more! I need to remember to go to God when I am struggling. I need to remember that when I feel overwhelmed or surrounded by evil, I need to pray.

I have learned that things are NOT always what they seem … so many behind the scenes that are never viewed. It’s easy to say that everything is going well, everything is fine, etc, but it’s hard to put ourselves out there and show the world the real, authentic me (or you!). Take heart, everyone struggles, everyone has bad days, good days, hard days, and those days when everything goes right (or is that just a myth?). If we remember to pray through all of these times, God will lead and guide us … we just need to remember to ALWAYS turn to Him first. And yes, I will also continue to practice this too … pray first, then react.

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